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Under New Law, Camp Lejeune Victims May Get Closure

Red Border: Branded Content by TIME

Charley GallayGetty Images for Disney

Surprising the entertainment industry, Disney announced Iger would return to head the company for 2 years.

5 Killed and Several Injured in Colorado LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting

The World Cup Kicks Off With a Loss for Qatar

Another Billionaires Plan to Rebuild Social Media

Europe Begins to Cool on Ukrainian Refugees

What To Know About the One Love Armband Controversy

COP27 Marks New Paradigm For Climate Action

justin worland / sharm el-sheikh, egypt

These Celebrities Are Not Boycotting the Qatar World Cup

What Climate Change Is Already Doing to Childrens Brains

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Tracking COVID-19 Variants at Airports

Why Airbnbs Are Getting Harder to Rent Out

The World Cup Brings Attention to Extreme Heat in Qatar

Here Are the Biggest Moments From the TIME100 Next Gala 2022

Few events bring together artists, activists, athletes and government officials to mingle and share ideas. That set the TIME100 Next Gala 2022 apart as it unfolded in New York City on Tuesday night.


Here Are the Biggest Moments From the TIME100 Next Gala 2022


Tarana Burke: The MeToo Fight Goes On


What Images of Irans Security Forces May Reveal About a Revolt


The History You Didnt Learn: How the U.S. Government Created White-Only Suburbs

joseph osmundson, adam baran, and ted long

Sexual Healthcare Needs to be Brought to Places Where People Have Sex. Monkeypox Proves It

Why White Christian Nationalism Isnt Going Away

Parenting Twitter Got Me Through New Motherhood

With Wakanda Forever, African Folklores Influence on Pop Culture Is Finally Getting Overdue Recognition

The Only Way the U.S. Can Win the Tech War with China

What Climate Change Is Already Doing to Childrens Brains

Girl Seen with Kim Jong Un Is His Second Child, Seoul Says

Glass Onion Is a Light and Breezy Caper

The Victims of the Colorado Springs LGBTQ Club Shooting

This App Could Change How Kids Learn About Historical Heroes

Colorado Springs Didnt Happen in a Vacuum

Team USA Held to 1-1 Tie Against Wales

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How COVID-19 Changed Life Expectancy Rates in the U.S. and Around the World

Here are the countries that bounced backand those that didnt.

COVID-19 Variants BQ.1 and BQ1.1 Are Gaining Steam. Heres What to Know

You Can Still Get Long COVID If Youre Vaccinated and Boosted

COVID-19 Is Still Messing Up Our Sleep. Heres How to Sleep Better

Flu and COVID-19 Could Make for a Rough Fall and Winter

All Your Questions About Applying for Student Loan Forgiveness Answered

The Biden Administrations application for debt cancellation has officially launched. Borrowers can apply for forgiveness anytime before Dec. 31, 2023.

Should Biden Run Again? Democrats Are Divided

Whats in the Inflation Reduction Act

How Trump Judges Limit Biden Executive Orders

U.S. Implements Largest Food Stamps Increase in History

Rather than a colonial America, we should speak of an Indigenous America that was only slowly and unevenly becoming colonial.

Youth Incarceration Harms Americas Children

Lessons From a Half-Century of Covering Race in America

Afghan Children Are Suffering in the U.S. Immigration System

Sacheen Littlefeather Paved the Way for Indigenous Actors Like Me

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Inside the Release of Unreal Engine 5

TIME got exclusive access to developers and artists who have already started using Unreal Engine 5. Heres whats under the hood

3D-Printed Homes Could Help Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

This Tech Leader is Harnessing Collective Action to Green the Grid

Why Crypto Scams Are Driving an Online Crime Boom And How to Outsmart Them

The 6 Workplace Conditions That Drive Burnout

The new book The Burnout Challenge by Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter offers a structured approach for diagnosing and combating burnout.

The Case for Sticking it Out on Twitter

The Dangerous Myth of White Men Cant Get Jobs

The Key to Health and Happiness at Work

How to Earn 3.00% or More on Your Savings Account

The Smart Way to Use Your Home Equity

The Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Right Now

Are CDs a Good Way to Save? Heres How to Decide

Where Well End Up Living as the Planet Burns

Over the next fifty years, hotter temperatures combined with intense humidity are set to make large swathes of the globe lethal to live in.

How Amazon Became Worlds Largest Buyer of Renewable Energy

Inside Saudi Arabias Plan to Go Green

Heres the Climate Impact of the Rich and Famous

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