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The U.S. military displayed its own show of force by deploying supersonic bombers in joint drills with South Korea after North Korea launched a ballistic missile capable of hitting the U.S.

North Korea test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and with a range that could strike anywhere on the U.S.s mainland.

President Joe Biden promised to avoid conflict with the Chinese government on Sunday, even as US ally Japan accused Xi Jinping of infringing on Japans sovereignty.

The Russian ambassador to Japan has placed blame on Tokyo for Japan and Russias weakening relations, specifically the sanctions the Asian nation has leveraged against Russia.

Speaking with reporters in Las Vegas, Angels GM Perry Minasian attempted to end speculation that two-way superstar player Shohei Ohtani would be on the trading block.

North Korea continued to launch missiles on Thursday, drawing condemnation from the U.S. and others. The Japanese government issued evacuation orders because of an ICBM launch.

North Korea fired a missile that traveled over northern Japan a day after Pyongyang launched at least 23 missiles off its eastern and western coasts.

The U.S., Japan and South Korea warned North Korea of conducting a seventh nuclear test this year and said there would be unparalleled consequences.

Japan has implemented new digital IDs called My Number. The public will be required to sign up or risk losing access to their public health insurance.

Imperial Japan sent its first wave of kamikaze suicide planes to the U.S. Navy off the coast of the Philippines on Oct. 25, 1944. Thousands were killed in the attacks by wars end.

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